:: Benefits of being a member

:: Benefits of being an accredited school

:: Advantage of being a student member

Benefits of being a member

• Website

• Contribution can be refunded at 100%

• Resucal opening fee

• Certificate

• Professional liability insurance

• Group Insurance

• Certified by insurance companies (including the blue cross)

• Public referral service

• File processing in less than two weeks

• Seminars and continuing education

• Leaflets

• Traditional receipt books ($ 5.00 per 50 sheet booklet)

• Receipt book for three months of treatment

• Payment of the membership fee once a year (interact accepted)

• A Federation for several therapies

• Job opporunity

• Use of the logo by members

• Code of ethics

• Discount on membership fees for member referrals

($ 24.00 discount for each member referred during registration and each re-registration)

• Identification of the member and his profession by certificates displaying the FMA seal.

• Private telephone line

• Student rate: $ 25.00

(New member’s referral: $ 10.00)

Benefits of being an accredited school

• Visibility

• Credibility

• Certificate of accreditation

• Reference on our website

• Referral service for the general public

• Several evaluators in Canada

(This efficiency allows the new member to start working faster.)

• File, send certificates in less than 2 weeks.

• Various training courses offered throughout the year (trigger-points, facial massage, reflexology, shiatsu, energ.tique, herbology, chair massage, etc.)

• Preferential rates on training for members.

• Assessment of the student’s holistic approach rather than segmented by technique.

Benefits of being a student member

Among the advantages of becoming a student member: having access to all the promotional tools offered by the FMA, receiving the code of ethics, having access to the information service, but also the possibility of accumulating reductions for each reference made to the Association either $ 10.00 for each referred student member and $ 25.00 for each active member, up to the total amount of the membership fee.

This accumulation will be deducted from the membership fee when transferring the status from student member to active member. In addition to the $ 25.00 credit as a student member.

As you can see, it pays to be a student member.


Student member: $ 25.00 credited upon membership as an active member.

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