Federation of alternatinve medecines


1. Public, you protect

The FMA’s mission is to ensure the protection of the public, in particular by controlling access to health professions. The FMA ensures the quality of the professional activities of its members and promotes the maintenance and development of their skills. Ensure the protection of the public and the quality of care in the field of health and alternative medicine.
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Submit a request for an investigation to the trustee’s office.
There are two types of recourse available to patients/clients who feel injured following treatment.

Disciplinary law appeals
Civil law remedies

Disciplinary law appeals

A request for an investigation may be filed with the trustee of the Fédération des Médecines Alternatives by anyone who believes that an offense has been committed, against the Code of Ethics or any other regulation or directive adopted by the Board of Directors of the FMA.
Once the investigation is completed and depending on the available evidence, the trustee may decide to file a disciplinary complaint against a professional before the FMA Disciplinary Council. In certain situations and according to certain very specific criteria, the trustee or assistant trustee may also propose conciliation.
For any inquiry or information request, you can contact the FMA from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(418) 265-2079


Civil law remedies

In the context of a therapist-patient relationship in alternative medicine, the possible remedies in civil law concern situations where a patient considers having suffered harm through the fault of a professional. Reparation, particularly monetary, can only be ordered by civil courts and never by disciplinary courts.

2. Promote professional quality services.

Because the development of bodily approaches concerns us, we wish to participate in the evolution of alternative therapies. Our mission is to bring together, inform and represent alternative medicine professionals, to promote their art and techniques, while respecting differences.

In order to open up to multiple approaches, the FMA counts among its members massage therapists, physiotherapists, orthotherapists, naturopaths, naturotherapists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, facia therapists, homeopaths and physiotherapists…

The FMA brings together therapists with a specific training profile and skills according to their specialization, which empowers them to offer professional services in several approaches.

Being a member offers privileges such as being recognized by insurance companies and having a professional liability insurance policy at a reasonable price. The FMA ensures that its members have the skills and professional training required to practice.

To become a member of the Fédération des Médecines Alternatives, the therapist must meet numerous criteria.

• Although our members come from different recognized schools, the FMA evaluates the professionals who want to join it.

• The FMA verifies the origin of graduates.

• A code of ethics governs the profession and must be respected by the member.

• The number of hours required varies from one approach to another. You will find more details in the Recognized disciplines section.


Criteria that allow knowledge to be verified.

The FMA wants to protect the public.

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Phone : (418) 265-2079

Email : federationmedecinealternative@gmail.com 

Fédération des Médecines Alternatives
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